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Volumen 17, Asunto 2 (2015)

Artículo de investigación

Homicide, Rape and Carnal Abuse in Jamaica, 1970-2013: The New Health Pandemics

  • Paul Andrew Bourne, Angela Hudson-Davis, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Cynthia Francis, Ikhalfani Solan and Shirley Nelson

Artículo de investigación

Trauma-coerced Bonding and Victims of Sex Trafficking: Where do we go from here?

  • Chitra Raghavan, PhD and Kendra Doychak, BA

Comunicación corta

Eating Disorders are Still Considered to be a Female Psychopathology?

  • Emilio J. Compte and Florencia Duthu

Artículo de revisión

Identification and Prevention of Serotonin Syndrome

  • Mohammad Masud Iqbal, Saabry Yusof Osmany and Mohamamd Tamzid Iqbal

Comunicación corta

The "Healing" Pillow: A Practical Spiritual Tool for Coping with Illness

  • Israela Meyerstein, LCSW-C, LCMFT

Artículo de revisión

Family Physicians and Primary Bereavement Care

  • Jesus García and Victor Landa

Artículo de investigación

University Students Sexual Practices- An Insight Overview

  • Shahkamal Hashmi, Kelash Rai, Farzeen Tanwir, Vikash, Imran Ahmed, Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab, Nabil Rashid, Salman Sharif, Sabihuddin Ahmed and Manahil Jeoffrey

Artículo de investigación

Do Dentists who are Artists have Less Stress, Anxiety and Depression than those who are not?

  • Nina Rahshenas DDS, Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi, DDS, Mohammad Sadegh Nazari, Kaveh Nasiri DDS, Omid Haj Aghaie DDS, Ali Nazari Nezhad and Shahriar Shahidi DMD

Artículo de revisión

Occupational Health Challenges of Railway Employees in India – Towards Developing a Comprehensive Framework for Action

  • Gyanaranjan Pradhan, Anindita Pattnaik, Subhrabhanu Panda and Bhuputra Panda

Artículo de investigación

A Qualitative Study Investigating the Impact of Hostel Life

  • Amina Iftikhar and Asir Ajmal

Artículo de investigación

The Effects of Homicides and Economics on Human and Social Biology: A Mental Health Challenge for a Society?

  • Paul Andrew Bourne, Angela Hudson-Davis, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Cynthia Francis, Ikhalfani Solan, Dadria Lewis, Vivienne L. Quarrie, Marsha Pabarue, Shirley Nelson, Rachael Irving and Howard Anderson

Artículo de opinión

Lengthy Peer Review Times: What should be Done?

  • Imran Farooq, MSc

Reporte de un caso

At-Risk EMS Employees: A Model of Assessment and Intervention

  • Peter Taillac, Ron Hammond and Kate Miller

Artículo de investigación

The Association between Adult Mental Health Problems and Childhood Trauma: A Retrospective Community Based Study from Kashmir

  • Mansoor Ahmad Dar, MD, Rayees Ahmad Wani, MD, Mushtaq Ahmad Margoob, MD, Inaamul Haq, MD, Arshad Hussain, MD, Rajesh Kumar Chandel, MD, Yasir Hassan Rather, MD, Majid Shafi Shah, MD and Altaf Ahmad Malla, MD


Effect of Music Therapy on Stress: Is it Really Effective?

  • Nina Rahshenas DDS, Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi DDS, Mohammad Sadegh Nazari, Kamiar Nasiri DDS and Shahriar Shahidi MD

Reporte de un caso

Induced Psychosis or Psychotic Relapse? An Unexpected Effect of Anti-Parkinson Treatment

  • András Kovács, Attila Kovács, Edina Hamvas, Zsuzsanna Szabó, Zsófia Bodó-Varga and Tamás Tényi

Artículo de investigación

The Psychology of the Bullying Phenomenon in Three Jamaican Public Primary Schools: A Need for a Public Health Trust

  • Angela Hudson-Davis, Paul Andrew Bourne, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce, Cynthia Francis, Ikhalfani Solan, Dadria Lewis, Olive Watson-Coleman, Jodi-Ann Blake and Carmen Donegon

Artículo de investigación

Nutritional Intake Deficiency, Suicidology and Homicide Rates: An Empirical Assessment Using Data from 1990 to 2012

  • Paul Andrew Bourne, Charlene Sharpe-Pryce and Angela Hudson-Davis

Artículo de revisión

Is Individual Temperament Centered Psychotherapy Possible: A Proposal Based on Nine Types Temperament Model

  • Enver Demirel Y?lmaz, Özge Ünal, Ali Görkem Gençer, Ömer Aydemir and Ziya Selçuk

Reseña del libro

Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class

  • Scott Timberg and Stanley Krippner, PhD

Reporte de un caso

Case Study: Interstitial Cystitis Patient (C.C.) Treated with STSH over Skype

  • Jacqueline Sidman, PhD and H Vernon Roohk, PhD