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Volumen 17, Asunto 3 (2015)

Carta al editor

Conceptualization of PTSD from the Vietnam War to Current Conflicts and Beyond

  • Joseph A. Boscarino and Joseph J. Boscarino

Comunicación corta

Evidence-Based Treatment of PTSD in a College Population

  • Charity Wilkinson, Jill Richards and Katherine O’Leary

Carta al editor

The Relationship of Trauma and CFS

  • Sean P. J. Lynch

Carta al editor

A Blueprint for the Future Development of Psychotherapy

  • Emilio Gutiérrez, Carlos Libisch and Olaia Carrera

Artículo de revisión

Yoga Based Lifestyle for Prevention of Medical Emergencies

  • Bhargav H, Nagarathna R and Nagendra HR

Comunicación corta

Disasters as an Opportunity to Build Social Capital

  • Francisca Dussaillant and Eugenio Guzman

Artículo de revisión

Current Knowledge about Violence against Healthcare Workers

  • Seyyed Abdollah Madani and Seyyed Abbas Hashemi

Artículo de investigación

Association between Postpartum Depression and GnΒ3 C825T Polymorphism

  • Ri-hua Xie, Hai-yan Xie, Daniel Krewski, Mark Walker and Shi Wu Wen

Artículo de investigación

Relationship between Persistent Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Human Remains Exposure for Staten Island Barge and Landfill Recovery and Clean-up Workers After 9/11

  • Monique A. Fairclough, Sara A. Miller-Archie, James E. Cone, Tenzin Dechen, Christina C. Ekenga, Sukhminder Osahan, Sharon E. Perlman, Lisa M. Gargano, Jennifer Imasuen and Mark R. Farfel

Comunicación corta

Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction among Police Officers: An Understudied Topic

  • Judith P. Andersen and Konstantinos Papazoglou

Artículo de investigación

Catastrophic Events in the Perioperative Setting: A Survey of U.S. Anesthesiologists

  • Anahat K. Dhillon, Dana L. Russell and Marjorie P. Stiegler

Artículo de investigación

Medical Comorbidities in Patients with Alcohol Dependence Does Nicotine Matter?

  • Shivanand Kattimani, Siddharth Sarkar, Balaji Bharadwaj, Subahani Shaik, Vikas Menon and Vadivelan Mehalingam

Comunicación corta

Enhancing the Protection of Medical Human Rights for Mental Patients in Taiwan

  • Jia-Pei Shie, Chao-Yueh Su and Frank Huang-Chih Chou

Artículo de investigación

Aggression and Psychosis in Patients Seeking Emergency Psychiatric Care in New Delhi, India

  • Harsh Garekar, Meghaa Bhargava, Rohit Verma and Shaily Mina

Artículo de investigación

Effect of Cosmetic Surgery on Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

  • Fahemeh Akhlaghi, Ali Zadehmohammad, Zohreh Ahmadabadi, Geytar Maleki and Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi


Accuracy of ICD Codes for Persons with Considerable Emergency Department Use for Mental Health Complaints

  • Amanda D Vandyk, Ian D Graham, Elizabeth G VanDenKerkhof and Margaret B Harrison

Carta al editor

A Vision for Preventative Mental Healthcare

  • Barnabas J Gilbert, Anne Stevenson and William R Beardslee


Mental Preparedness as a Pathway to Police Resilience and Optimal Functioning in the Line of Duty

  • Judith P. Andersen, Konstantinos Papazoglou, Bengt B. Arnetz and Peter I. Collins

Artículo de revisión

Rehabilitation of the Adolescent with a Substance Use Disorder: Overview of Treatment Efficacy

  • Maurizio Pompili, Paola Venturini, Dorian A. Lamis, Rachel N. Waford, Denise Erbuto, Gianluca Serafini, Mario Amore and Paolo Girardi

Artículo de investigación

The Relationship between Time Perception and Emotional Interference on Autobiographical Memories

  • Hashil Al- Hatmi and Pavlos Filippopoulos


Tackling Diabetes Epidemic through Psycho-behavioral Medicine

  • Kurubaran Ganasegeran and Sami Abdo Radman Al-Dubai

Artículo de investigación

Estimates of Prevalence and Criteria Comparison in DSM-5 versus DSM-IV-TR Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in 111 Survivors to the 2009 Railway Accident in Viareggio-Italy

  • Mauro Mauri, Alberto Petracca, Mario Miniati, Sara Fratta, Erika Fui, Ilenia Giunti, Giulia Macchia, Michela Giorgi Mariani, Enrico Calderani, Camilla Gesi, Claudia Carmassi and Liliana Dell’Osso