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Hetal K Bhatt

Flaxseed deoiled meal, a byproduct was obtained after extraction of oil. Roasting of deoiled flaxseed meal was carried out at selected temperature and time to improve the functional properties. Optimized deoiled flaxseed meal flour was used for development of protein bar. Protein bar with deoiled flaxseed meal flour (DFMF) and cinnamon-cardamom as flavorings was prepared. Sensory characteristics, physical characteristics and color value were studied for optimization of protein bar. Optimized protein bar wasanalysed for its proximate composition and storage studies.Protein bar was enriched with DFMF (20 to 50 g) and cinnamon, cardamom mix (1:0, 0:1 and 0.5:0.5%) as flavorings. The optimized level of protein bar was with 30 g DFMF.Flaxseed protein bar was kept for storage study at room temperature for 120 days in two types of packaging materials namely PET box and metalized polypropylene (MPP) pouch. Moisture content of protein bar packed in PET box decreased faster as compared product packed in metalized polypropylene bags. The lowest sensory score was observed in protein bar packed in MPP while sensory score was lower shown by PET box at the end of 120 days and the score indicate that even at 120 days, the product was accepted by panel.