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Healthy Lifestyle Program in Malaysian National Service Camp.

Salimin N, Amin MD, Taff MD, Elumalai G, Ahmad Y, Almigo Y and Izwan Shahril M

National Service Training Program is a characters advancement stage for the Malaysian young people. This program in a roundabout way elevate sound way of life to make a superior learners quality. Solid Lifestyle Program execution among corpulent young people whom followed the preparation program are required to address the issue of sound ways of life among Malaysian and assists with boosting the nation's financial and social presentation. The execution of Healthy Lifestyle Program includes large learners with Body Fat Percentage (male=24 or more; female=36 or more), estimated utilizing Omron Krada Scan HBF 375 with Height Scale. The physical preparing program comprise of 18 Low Intensity Activities, 40 Moderate Intensity Activities, 14 High Intensity Activities Training meetings and eight unwinding treatment meetings ceaselessly for about two months. The Heart Rate Monitor iSport Model W118 HRM watch with chest tie is utilized to screen the pulse when exercise and calories consumed off during the intercession time frame. The examination directed among 2445 hefty students and the outcome demonstrated decline of Body Fat Percentage (BFP) in 425 learners (22.91%). The nonstop usage of this program is relied upon to lessen the weight, BFP and BMI of 31680 corpulent students in 10 years and to offer information to 792 000 Malaysians. The 22% outcome sway includes an aggregate of 174240 individuals who get more fit and BFP effectively, which includes 0.62% of the number of inhabitants in Malaysians.