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About the Journal

Patología Diagnóstica: Acceso Abierto is a peer reviewed journal published by omics group. The journal publishes manuscripts dealing with aspects of pathology that include histopathology, cytopathology, hematology, chemical pathology, medical microbiology and parasitology.

The aim of the journal is to update knowledge and encourage original research in the field of pathology. The journal will also focus on the technological aspects of pathology, including molecular biology techniques, morphometry aspects, communication aspects, and electronic education and quality assurance.

Patología Diagnóstica: Acceso Abierto will provide an integrative journal for molecular pathology and digital pathology, creating an open case discussion platform to be used during daily diagnostic work.

Patología Diagnóstica: Acceso Abierto is using Editorial Manager System to attain quality in review process. This system follows an online manuscript submission, review and tracking systems. Review processing is performed by journal editorial board members or by outside experts.

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to or

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Diagnostic Pathology

It is a branch deals with examination of body tissues and their examination. Microscopical study of abnormal tissue development, disease determination, histopathology of lesions and sometimes post-mortem. It does research on critical diagnosis in surgical pathology.

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Immunopathology is a sub division of clinical pathology. It is a medical speciality concerns with organ system and diseases associated with immune system. It deals with biological fluid analysis that aid in detection of immune disorders.

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Pathobiology is a branch deals with research work related to the mechanisms of disease. It provides fundamental information about the pathogenesis of disease. It utilizes principles of molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology for understanding abnormalities and physiological changes in a diseased organ or tissue.

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Classic Diagnostic Pathology

Classic diagnostic pathology deals with a particular disease diagnosis. For instance, Classic Hodgkin lymphoma cases diagnostic cases include evaluation of EMA, CD30, CD15 and CD3 proteins at nodes and also evaluation of histiocytic cells.

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Prognosis-related diagnosis

The term prognosis refers to prediction of positive outcome of a particular disease based on current studies and findings. For instance, in prostate cancer based on the tumor volume, surgical margins, Gleason score and ki-67 index diagnosis can be done in an effective manner.In case of colorectal cancer the prognosis related factors are expression of Rab27A protein and other pathological characteristics.

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Stereology is a branch based on principles of statistics and geometry. It gives quantitative information and unbiased data. It is defined as science of estimating three dimensional information from less dimensional samples. Stereology is three dimensional information given from two dimensional tissue sections.

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Virtual Microscopy

Virtual microscopy involves microscopic images posting on computer networks. Virtual microscopy replaces traditional teaching methods. It gives a platform for independent viewing of images by huge population from diverse locations.

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Virtual Pathology

Pathology courses had implemented the use of virtual microscopy for better understanding of pathogenesis of disease. Virtual pathology nothing but deals with virtual microscopic studies of tissue in infected or diseased state. It is useful in the evaluation of competency in histopathology.

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Tissue based Diagnosis

Tissue based diagnosis plays a major role in cancer diagnosis. This technology captures biological pathway and critical factors that affect the disease.Small biopsies, large surgical specimens and needle aspirates of lung cancer. Hematoxylin and Eosin; Immunohistochemistry; In situ hybridization are the major tissue diagnostic tests.

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Molecular Pathology

Molecular pathology is a branch of pathology deals with examination of molecules within tissues, organs or biological fluids which aids in the diagnosis of disease. It focuses on sub molecular aspects of disease. Antibody based immunofluorescence tissue assays, DNA sequencing, quantitative PCR are the techniques employed in molecular pathology.

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Forensic Pathologist Communications

Forensic pathology deals with corpse for determining death cause performed by a medical professional. Forensic pathologist performs autopsies, describes the pathologic process lead to death of a person. Medical examiner collects toxicological data of body tissues in case of poisonings.

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Diagnostic Molecular Pathology

It is a branch of pathology mainly deals with application of molecular biology to analyse biological markers in proteome and genome. By the application of molecular diagnostics we can plan a treatment for an individual. Molecular diagnostic techniques are widely used in oncology, pharmagenomics and human leukocyte antigen typing and infectious disease.

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Diagnostic Techniques in Pathology

Necroscopy, radiography, urinalysis, microscopic examination of tissues, haematological tests and anatomical pathology are the different techniques used in pathology. Diagnostic microbiology is another technique where microorganisms are isolated, cultured and results are interpreted. Immunoserological techniques such as complement fixation, fluorescent antibody precipitation, hemagglutination and ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) are performed to measure antibody-antigen reactions.

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Diagnostic Pathology Reports

It is a document comprising diagnostic tests performed for a disease. Diagnostic tests include microscopical examination of cells, tissues. Pathology report of cancer helps in diagnosis of cancer and gives information about stage of cancer. Based on the pathology reports a physician can proceed to further treatment

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Pathology Diagnostics Market Analysis

Tissue diagnostics are an important diagnostic techniques mainly used for diagnosis and management of cancer. Immunohistochemistry, digital pathology, insitu hybridisation are the current tissue diagnostics in practice. These techniques are used in the diagnosis of gastric cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma and non-small cell lung cancer.

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Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Diseases

Diagnosis of infectious disease is done based on the pathological reports. Pathology reports include morphological examination of affected area, cytological preparations and biopsies interpretation. In some cases where the infectious agent is fastidious or slow growing histopathology report aids in the treatment. By proper morphologic diagnoses and other diagnostic tests, infectious diseases can be effective diagnosed.

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Diagnostic Surgical Pathology

Diagnostic surgical Pathology deals with diagnostic tests performed during pre and post-surgery. Diagnostic tests include macroscopic examination of tissues and biopsies. These tests provide a basement for effective treatment.

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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) :

Immunohistochemistry is a process where antigens are detected in cells by application of antigen antibody interactions in biological fluids with the help of radiolabelled antibodies. It is useful in the detection of tumor and stage of cancer. IHC is also useful in drug development by detecting the up or down regulation of disease targets.

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Journal of Diagnostic Pathology is supporting International Conference and Exhibition on Molecular Medicine and Diagnostics to be held during August 31-September 02, 2015 at Toronto, Canada. The theme of the conference is “Transforming the Future of Cytopathology”.

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